March 25, 2013

Monday. Day 3: Bonn, The Rhine.

Monday. Day 3: Woke up in Bonn. I did a watercolor sketch of the view out the window.

All museums are closed on Monday, except the Beethoven House, which sadly did not make triage. First stop was taking care of some business at the American Institute in Bonn.

We walked along the Rhine for about 2-3 hours. Coffee with condensed milk at the micro coffee stand along the Rhine and through a Japanese Zen Garden. Back in the city center, First Flush tea room. I could live there. My next grant app may very well be for spending time in Bonn doing watercolor studies and having coffee at the First Flush tea room every day. Civilization.
Jane led a Kundalini yoga class for her students in the evening.

"Grave of the Artist". Very old. 


You didn't think I'd leave Germany without going to an an overpriced old school art supply store, did you? I bought a professional grade watercolor travel set and felt guilty because I could have bought it online for less. After I used them, I was guilt-free. I'll never use student grade watercolor cakes to travel with again. Speaking of supplies, I need new paint. 

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