September 18, 2012

Since I am not a magician.

I will tell you where I get my source material: Everywhere, but currently, I'm mining the family slide database and finding images that are compelling for one reason or another. I'm at the point where order is going to erupt into chaos before hitting order again. I'm about to make the no-turning-back-decision of cataloguing the images according to subject matter rather than keeping them in their semi-organized carousels and boxes according to seasons, events, years, and sides of family. It's a fake order now anyway. Some slides are labeled, some are not. People, many whom I don't recognize since they were taken before my time-standing, sitting eating, posing; Rockefeller center, an apartment interior I sense belonged to my aunt and uncle, empty roads and scenes from places that seem familiar but no longer exist; ocean cruises, The American West, The Rural South; shadows, cars, floral arrangements, and family pets that in the light of a projector bulb read like a mystery.

I’m about to destroy this fake order and for the sake of art create a new one. The mystery of the past will no longer be logical.


Carla said...

You need some version of 52 card pickup for those slides.

Mary Addison Hackett said...

More or less, my MO thus far.