September 05, 2012

Fall Seven Times, Get up Eight

"Instead…only try to realize the truth."
"What truth?"
"There is no hyphen."

- - - - - -
I've been selected as one of the artists for acquisition for the Music City Center's public art collection.
In other news, my motorcycle battery was covered under warranty. I replaced it and went for a ride today, making sure I grabbed the season's first pumpkin space latte before circling back. When I got home, I worked on a painting, shuffled some furniture around in the new studio, and retreated to the studio couch again. I'm digging the studio couch. It's been years, I tell you, YEARS.
Here we are, hard at work. Someone's got separation issues.


Gregory Martin said...

Congrats! is it a specific painting or one to be named later in a blockbuster 7 artist trade?

The ride sounds fun. (Pumpkin Space?) Been trying to get up the nerve for a ride or canoe paddle today, a burst of wind or rain has hit every time I've stepped outside so far. Do you think it will give up if I ignore it?

MaryAddison Hackett said...

Yes, but only if you drink the pumpkin space latte.

It looked like rain yesterday but I was determined to put at least 100 miles on the new battery, though I cut the ride short when I felt a raindrop. I imagine you have some great roads down there.

MaryAddison Hackett said...

Re: painting. Thanks. No deets as of yet.

Gregory Martin said...

I looked but could not find any pumpkin space latte, it might be a bit chi chi for rural Mississippi. Had to settle for coffee but that seemed to work. Had a nice outing canoeing through gator infested swamps in the Noxubee Refuge south of here. Posted pics on FB. Cleared up towards evening, went for a ride through the same area and went until I ran out of pavement in a little Hamlet called Eden. There are some nice roads here. When I got back the tv said we were under tornado watch. Which was really weird since I didn't turn it on. Seems pretty calm here now.