February 16, 2012

Not sure.

 In my mind, I'm an expressionistic abstract painter, so when I see something like this, it's like my body rejects it and I disassociate. I tried knocking back the qualities that look too cartoony or illustrative, but they won't go away. It's like a bad grass stain I can't rid rid of. Also, the content is more blatantly narrative than I prefer. I like that it's a family portrait featuring my grandmother's portable ashtray and a pillbox for Darvon, but I'm uncomfortable with how it's painted. I may have to come back, obliterate it and rework it. Or just put it away for a while and let it be what it is. 

Note: I deleted the image. It changed. Such is life. 

1 comment :

Carla said...

I like it a lot. The alter-ego was a good idea, and I think I may adopt it, at least personally. I have some odd-ball paintings that I don't really consider part of my official oeuvre.

I hope this one survivies.