January 08, 2012


I should be-

  1. in the studio
  2. doing yoga
  3. running 
  4. writing my syllabi
  5. clearing out a corner of the house
  6. ferociously selling crap on ebay
  7. none of the above
  8. all of the above

I was in the studio this morning, working on 2 paintings, but felt rushed knowing I have the other things to do. I can't wait until school starts. That will be two more things to add to the list. Note the slight hint of sarcasm. I'm tired already. I mailed off my pieces for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, the anonymous auction at _ _ _ _ _.  I like them. I showed a picture of them earlier, but you didn't see these here, because the whole point is that one buys the art w/o knowing the artist. I wanted to do something with watercolor and gouache that's more like what I'm working on in the studio now. I did a still life and a a slackerish abstract, but bailed at the last minute on the slacker abstract and did the bottom one instead.

"Lucky Bamboo," gouache and acrylic, 10 x 8 inches

"The Artist/Critic," gouache, 10 x 8 inches

I had a studio visit here in town with a perceptive curator. She noted that in my current statement, I defend the work less than I did several years ago. So true. I still have both statements on the website. I mean, why not?

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