January 09, 2012

list. v2

I should be-

  1. in the studio
  2. doing yoga
  3. running 
  4. writing my syllabi
  5. clearing out a corner of the house
  6. ferociously selling crap on ebay
  7. none of the above
  8. all of the above
It looks the same as the last list, no? 
I'm pleasantly calm and busy. 2012 hit the ground running. I don't ask questions. Within the course of 5 days, I met a curator, had a studio visit, and just watched several paintings leave bundled up in a van. The show opens in March, but they wanted to install some work earlier. 

The studio smalls like oil paint. This is good. For a couple of days it smelled like Mop & Glo.

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