November 24, 2011


Hudson, NY. View from my room.

My packing job was an art form in and of itself.
Bruce Gagnier at John Davis Gallery
I love this painting hanging downstairs at John Davis Gallery. I can't remember the artist's name right now, but I will find out. 
Waiting for the train. 
Dia: Beacon. 
NYC. View from my room.

On rainy days he gets the towel rubdown treatment. He seems to like having a towel on his back. He wore it for awhile.  

Ok, this is a total re-edit. I started feeling the need to be very private and not share my art-related comings and goings so far in advance. On the other hand, it's not that far in advance and I'm sensing I'll be full throttle in the studio. Plus I need to remind myself I have a good year ahead. My trip to Hudson was fantastic. I dropped off some small paintings with John Davis Gallery and he offered me a show next spring/summer. It was a lovely visit and I had a chance to see some wonderful work by some of his gallery artists. In general, the New York trip was energizing. I like solitude and I like to work alone, but I need to feel connected. NY and LA do that for me, as well as visits with other  artists with whom I share common ground. I came home to a good review of my solo show here and a couple of emails regarding some shows next year. Two in LA and one back here. Really all very good stuff, and no reason not to share the good news. 

After staring at a couple of paintings going nowhere fast, I managed a breakthrough. I have 2 solos scheduled about the same time next year, so I am switching into my ultra disciplined studio mode. That means I show up on time, wear my Bulwark coveralls, and stay in the studio no matter what until my studio hours are over. I haven't decided whether I will post pics as I go along or hold back until the exhibit. I'm past knowing what's a good strategy-do I try to build hype by posting new work? I don't know. Hype is not my forte. 


Carla said...

A very good week, and congrats most for breaking through in the studio, after all that external buzz. Did you check that beautiful bag o' perfectly packed paintings? Or chain it to your wrist?

I know that MO too well. With the new materials-relief things I'm doing, it usually comes after I put the entire still-wet plaque under running water.

Mary Addison Hackett said...

The suitcase dims were carry-on. THAT was the beauty. and yes, I felt like a Britannica salesman. It was kind of heavy. Planes, trains, subways,walking, the coat check at Dia. MoMA didn't accept it for coat check and I couldn't catch a cab to the hotel, so more walking. I had a really good sense of humor about how i must have looked. I dressed well, though. Otherwise I might have looked like a vagabond.

I really want to see more of the reliefs. They look exciting and inspiring.

Elaine Mari, Painter and Drawer said...

I'm so glad you had such a good week. Sounds like you are going to have a good year coming up and getting right back in there after the show is a great sign.

The dog made me laugh.

lucy mink said...

very exciting stuff, and i will try to make it to your your show at John Davis, that I can do. I get it about the private thing and whether to share or not share, i do the same battle in my head. Maybe just post left hand corners of new work or extreme close ups now and then.

Mary Addison Hackett said...

Thanks Lucy. That would be great to meet you in person. I feel such an affinity with a lot of the painters up there.

Nomi Lubin said...

Yay to all of this.