August 22, 2011

Susanna Coffey

I met Susanna Coffey very briefly years ago when I was up at OxBow one summer doing a work-study fellowhsip. She was teaching a figure in the landscape class. Someone suggested I take the class, but for some reason I didn't, or couldn't fit it into my schedule, or perhaps I was reluctant to venture into representational waters at that time. No matter, I rediscovered her work recently and am in love with the night paintings, and her self-portraits, of course.

It's funny how moving into a different time zone has affected what makes it onto my radar nowadays.

I love painting. Really, I love all of it. I wish I had at least one more lifetime to keep painting. Perhaps I do.

Susanna Coffey, night paintings


Elaine Mari said...

I read "zone" rather than "time zone". I think we move into different zones, time, space, insight etc. and then we see different things, have different things on our radar. Traveling this summer combined with the things I come across because of who I choose to follow on the internet has put me in a different zone, and I see art in things I never saw before, see art I never saw before, see a way of making art that builds on more than I saw before.

I like those night paintings a lot!

Mary Addison Hackett said...

Cool. Can't wait to catch up read about it, Elaine.

Steven LaRose said...

Dang, that is so cool. And it is only 6 x 5 inches which totally blows my theory out of the water. Thanks for the synchronous heads up.

Steven LaRose said...

And she does flower paintings too!

adie said...

Great work, the colors and the whole picture perspective is amazing.

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