August 18, 2011

Good news

Professionally speaking, it was a good week. An invitation came out of the blue Wednesday night and an acceptance letter came in the email Thursday morning. I can't share either of these shows openly because I am a superstitious person. Things fall through, go south, peter out, lose funding, space out, close down, skip town, go bankrupt, die, walk away, and go crazy all the time. No need to get excited just yet. They're still a ways off.

[Content edited... something about convictions, isolation, sanity and smaller cities.]

I really like the painting I just finished, which is good, because the painting before was so wretched I've blocked it completely out of my mind. Dammit, not only did I just remember what it looked like, I remember that it's serving as a doorstop for the kitchen door because I was too lazy to move it out  of the way. Failures keep me humble.

I'm going to be busy this fall. Super powers unite.


Carla said...

Busy is good.

lucy mink said...

I am raising my before bed water glass to painters who live in small towns where there is no support for them. And you are not just a good painter, it is clearly obvious you have to do it. I think thats something that not everyone can do. i never wanted to leave the Hoboken/nyc area but the changes came, but I learned a lot about myself, I could make work on a remote island north of Canada easily (as long as there was a good school system for the kids). I think its been so good for your work to live where your living Mary.

Mary Addison Hackett said...

Thanks Lucy. I think there's some good mojo hovering over where I am now. I just need to flow with it.
I'll raise my water glass before bed to painters in small towns too.

Dane Carder said...

what do you need in nashville, that is evidently not really a small town nor a large city?

Mary Addison Hackett said...

Dane, as I think about this, I realize some things I needed as an artist were things that I needed early on. Maybe I don't need those things anymore, but am still hanging on to them and am glad I had them when I did.

Mary Addison Hackett said...

To be less opaque- I think there's- and I really am growing sick of the word," dialogue," but a dialogue that happens in larger communities from artists working in similar-enough directions. And that may simply be something that is directly related to sheer numbers.

I think the Internet is actually filling this void, at least on one level.

Dane Carder said...

i think i understand this...even in it's opaqueness. the internet does help on one level, but definitely not eye level... actually sitting with art folks with related "agendas." i imagine that working in waves of the various modes of practice is quite normal and healthy. it would be nice to have some quality numbers here.