October 09, 2013

Although the map is not the territory, the territory is still in need of a map.

I'm tremendously happy that Le Rayon Vert caught the attention of some of the area's writers. Tremendously. Not that I would been totally disheartened had the other show garnered all the attention, but I was rooting for the dysfunctional work.

Jim Ridley, The Nashville Scene. Go Green with Mary Addison Hackett's Le Rayon Vert.

Joe Nolan, Arts Nash. Le Rayon Vert is Mysterious and Masterly.

Laura Hutson, Nashville Scene's Arts & Culture Blog, Country Life. Installation View: Mary Addison Hackett at Belmont's Leu Gallery

And this small blurb:

Many thanks to everyone for checking the show out.  

The show is up through October 17. And in case you're armchair gallery hopping, here's the link to all the works in the show, including the Kitchen Painting (#Drifters).

In the studio it's business as usual. 
I started a new painting and due to an upgrade in wood shop skills, I'll be taking some time to build some nice stretchers. Tonight I will be watching the final 3 episodes of Breaking Bad. #Research & Development.  

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Carla said...

It's a nice press sweep of thoughtful reviews. Yay for the dysfunctional work, and those who will/can embrace it!