July 13, 2013

Summer update.

Two solo shows open in less than two months: Le Rayon Vert and Shell Game
I'd like to complete 2 more paintings. one each, but I'm also in the middle of documenting, titling and writing. I successfully worked in oil for one show and acrylic for the other without  any serious malfunctions. Only once did I dip my brush into my coffee cup. And only once did I swirl my oil brush in water. I had 2 major spills of fluorescent paint. One led to a new painting, so it worked out. 

I discovered the dog not only herds rocks, but seashells. It was a shocking discovery to see the collection scattered on the floor. They were doing fine on the coffee table. Or at least I thought so. But I'm not a German shepherd border collie mix.

Kitchen Paintings (#Drifters) will be part of Le Rayon Vert. They are small. I'm only about 4 brush sizes and a magnifying glass away from caving in to my desire to be a miniaturist, but I am not there. Yet... 

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