October 24, 2012

Dream time.

So in my dream last night my ex and I are arguing over where to hide a gun. We were being held captive by some thugs a' la Breaking Bad or Reservoir Dogs and it was us vs. them. We kept moving the gun from one hiding place to another under a tablecloth with each of us thinking we had the better hiding place. One of the thugs found the gun, because, of course, my ex had last moved it from where I had stashed it. At this point, I thought for a moment and then grabbed the jackknife hidden in my boot and started fending off the bad guys. My ex fainted at the sight of all the blood and I tried to imagine we were in a sitcom while I tried to drag us off to safety.

I doubt this will become a painting and I'm not sure I'm ready to interpret it.


Carla said...

You were right, and that's what is important.

Mary Addison Hackett said...

Dreamland MAH thought the same thing before pulling the jackknife out of her boot. Perhaps it would be less annoying if I just started calling myself psychic.