August 09, 2012

This is not a rant.

Consider yourself spared of my rant on the local arts "scene". Or "arts" scene. Dealer's choice for what to put quotes around. 

I'm not attending any more local lectures or panel discussions. I finally realized I am not the target audience. Not only that, but I received a parking ticket for a broken meter machine. Friggin uneven gravel lot waiting for a high-rise and they slap some broken-ass money machine in the corner of the lot and call it "parking." End of story. 

It's time for a manifesto. and free parking. Would it kill you, Nashville, to have free parking somewhere downtown? 

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Dane Carder said...

nashville's art scene needs your version of the story at such panels and discussions. maybe, what you can get out of these events is the satisfaction that you brought some truth... or something that has been long missing. i sort of think that bringing a larger dose of another perspective will do some of the folks on the scene much good.