September 11, 2011

Speaking of luxury goods, I watched Gosford Park last night, Altman's last film. I had seen it when it came out. Netflix thought I might like it and was kind enough to suggest it to me. I had forgotten how beautiful the set design was. I concentrated on the palette used throughout the film and various lighting schemes.

This painting was from a few month ago. I can't remember if I posted it or not. I've been rather scatter shot in my image posting. 
Mary Addison Hackett, Company in the Living Room, 2011
oil on linen on wood panel

I've been building my own stretchers from scratch. Nice, yes. I'm happy with them. I admit feeling content knowing I've labored over them. For the really small paintings, I experimented with making some wood panels and stretching linen over them. I think I will continue to do this. I'm trying really hard to develop some consistency. I'm rather slow to the draw on this matter. So slow, perhaps, that it might not be detectable for another 50 years.

This painting below is in progress, and the usual caveat: it was shot with my iphone in the studio.  It almost felt good to paint it. At first. And then it became difficult. When I look at it and look at the one above. I almost see the same thing, but not quite.
Mary Addison Hackett, [Not yet titled,] 2011
oil on canvas

PS. I'm thinking about going to Miami this year. Anyone else? 


Nomi Lubin said...

Yes, the color and light in some movies (and tv) is riveting, isn't it.

The bottom still has Ingres colors and contrast. The black dress, the bright skin, that particular green in the frame in the background.

Top one is....oh, god, I have to go back to school, but someone particular too. Who?

Nomi Lubin said...

Oh, shoot. Where's my other comment? Damn. Ok.....first I said that is a great great idea about the blouse and can I use it.

Then....I said, with way better wording, that the living room painting was like an inverse of the pool paintings -- dark and full, or covered, at least, with a Persian rug. Like a lot.

Then, the bottom painting -- it makes me think of that flower painting that I said would look like schlock in lesser hands. Very exciting.

Carla said...

Inverse pool painting, interesting. I haven't seen that painting and yes, like a lot.

Elaine Mari said...

I've tried saying things like that when people complain about the cost of a painting, people always reel away from me and treat me like my passion and pushiness is unseemly (for an artist). I can't ever say it without ire, I try but it never works.

Like the paintings, the red one has a lot of impact, the lighter one feels calmer, light and heavy at the same time.