May 14, 2011

Gallery Rounds

Something for everyone- a sampling from the local gallery rounds today. I just missed a show that came down yesterday at Tinney Contemporary and for some reason, I thought the arcade was closed on Saturdays.  I need to get out more. 

 Kit Reuther

 and Warren Greene at Cumberland Gallery through May 28th

Patrick DeGuira 

and Brent Stewart at Zeitgeist through May 28

Luke Hillestad at The Rymer Gallery through May 21

Julia Martin at Ovvio Arte through May 21

While in New York, it was brought to my attention that there was a signifcant gap from my last reportage of the various incarnations of my studios here at home to my sudden takeover of a rehabbed train car as a studio space. I will elaborate in the next post. Meanwhile, just to give you an idea of how Nashville, Nashville can be, I was working at the train car studio the other night when some kid named 'The Storm' and his dad wandered in. The Storm was in town doing a charity concert. He likes trains. They saw the door, they opened it, and since it was the one time the door was unlocked, they wandered in. If I were to cast that scene in a movie, I would have Will Ferrell play the dad. The Storm could play himself. Here he is doing Elvis. He told me he liked my paintings. I gave him a card.
His dad told me he was famous and that if I had kids they would know who he was. I don't have kids, but the temptation to google him was too much. 

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Carla said...

Train studios, next to prisons, in country music capitals, are weird.